Hello my wickedly fun and cool readers and bloggers,

Its the new year day 3 of the new year. and  as of the night before new year’s as the ball was droping in my not so normal fashion i got drunk well not fully drunk but i had a good buzz going(I normally dont drink alot but I wanted too on new year’s for some odd reason). It had been awhile my s.o. and i had been to a bar the last time was when a murtal friend was still living here in ohio. It was rather nice to be at a bar for once and doing some thing being bored at home on new year’s

We found a local bar close by and he and i both liked it alot  i made him do karoke heehee im such a mean girlfriend lol (not really) i did it twice of cousre since i am the music junkie out of the two of us. But the icky thing the next moring i had a slight hangover and all day i was drinking nothing but water (which I need to drink more off Thank the gods I got loads of water before hand lol)


Now Since its the new year  things are gonna be different this  year i can feel it in my bones. Im going be makeing more youtube videos  on both my channels after looking things up for ideas and topics i can use for both channels .  This year feels like a very good year to start something amazing 🙂


brightest blessings to you

blessed be