hello my wickedly awesome bloggers and blog followers, You guys are so awesome!

Well right now we only have three days till the new year whoopie! I myself is so ready for the new year. Thinking about getting a confetti shooter and some confetti and make it rain. Lol yes I know Im a silly biwi but at least im likeable 🙂

So hopefully sometime next month my Boyfriend will know what his results are for his state broads im hoping he passes and also he and i are getting married in the year 2013 on Sept 13th 🙂 yeah i know the 13th lands on a friday but its different 🙂 so hopeully since he and i has gone window ring shopping chacking out different places  the one we both like is Jared  jewelery store so when the time is right and we have the money I can say he went to Jared lol  the commocails for them are so fliping cute  so yeah

so Yeah not much going on here really ready for a  new year.

i hope you guys have a happy new year 😀

blessings to you

brightest blessings,