hello my wickedly cool readers and bloggers,

As the new year approaches us, And as i take a break from dancing around my apt to lady gaga and seeing it as it is my boyfriend and my anniversary today (i always keep an eye on that lol yeah Im a dorky biwi). And in my normal fashion I looked thourgh the book He got me last night again. Yeah another dorky thing to do for me since the book is about vampires ( yes he knows he is feeding my love for all things unnatural and paranormal like) as looking through it and then to danceing around like a weirdo and singing off key to boot and now to this since i havent done a blog in about a day or so i dont know lol.

I’ve been thinking about what my new year’s promise thingie is going to be. Im still thinking about it. Like take more pitcures ,be more active in the wiccan and the paranormal community and of cousre get into the lgbt community and be active in that  stuff like that oh and plus cut my smokeing down and try harder to quit (right now its a bitch and half to quit i feel like I can’t just quit cold truky I think I might go off on someone  i dont know) read more wiccan books and other books and other stuff like that  make more youtube videos on both my channels, try to travel a bit more, and get a little bit out of my comfort zone. Random stuff like that

i guess im a bit random. I hope next year goes better then this year here’s to a new hope i hope everyone who follows my blog  and that I follow on here i hope you guys have a great  new years eve. 🙂

blessings to you

brightest blessings,