My own road to enlightenment

hello my wickedly fun readers and bloggers,


Today is a new day. Blessed be! As i sit here typeing this up I cant help but think about what has brought me to this area of my life where i have fully given myself into the craft(wicca) and how i felt when frist learning about it and feeling that it was oh so right for me.

Im no different from the starter witch start their wonderful journey into the craft. The only real difference i have been treading the path of the craft for about 9 years now since the tender age of 17. Surprising no? That we are all here together  seeking the same thing  seeing the beauty of the earth,air,fire,water and spirit.

There isnt mush to tell about my journey expect that i grasped on to the broomstick as firmly as i could and flew. I have been out of the broom closet also from the age of 17 and im 25 now. Only two people of my family firmly disbelieve that i am what i am and one out of the two asked me to stop being a wiccan. You would think that my family would accept me for me and love me for who i am has person. Alas I fear not my dear ones  very few of them  will never accpet me. One family member calls a grey witch for i do not believe in the one true lord of the Christan faith.

That does not make me a grey witch. Maigc is black nor white it depends onthe heart of the witch.Magic is both because nature is both loving and cruel there is a blance between the two. (im sorry if this blog sounds a bit bitter and angery Im still holding on to a little bit of what my family has said but i guess since writeing it out it may get it out of me) Its why  I refuse to see some of my family.  I am  wiccan ,A witch, A bi witch at that hey i have come up with a new word its biwi A bi witch lol sorry im random like this sometimes. But As far as my family (except my mom and my boyfriend who seem to be two of the few people  who truely accpet me  for who i am ) i am nothing but a black sheep or well a wolf in sheep clothing.


hehe its kind of ironic that i say a wolf in sheeps clothing  its what i feel like when i am around them they want proper tiltes its you are either this or this nothing in between. they fear i will be teased for being what i am  who i am.  why should they care so much about who teases me its my life my businesses.

Noone has ever teased me  for being a witch just teased me about my weight issues that i have. If someone does start teaseing me for being a witch I’ll blow them off they dont determinate who i am as a person . IF they do it then they are doing it out of fear and ignorance.

My own road to this form of enlightenment has come with its share of hardships,joys,highs,bumps and lows. But i came out with flying colors and its still a long road ahead this is my story of being me a witch,a biwi(yes im going be useing that from now on too lol a biwi its like wifi but way cooler),a friend,a lover.a sister witch,and daughter. I dont want my story to discourge others from following the craft path but to show them that no matter what the family or friends might say about wicca or you being a wiccan or bi gay or lesbian or transgender,.. (yes im pulling thse in because to many teens are being bulled  for being lesbian,bi,gay and transgender and even survive that and a few are witches that are adults I knew a few ).. Dont let them change your mind or how wicca or anything else makes you feel its a part of who you are. Take a look at me Im wiccan and bi I have let anyone change me Ive gone from being your “normal” wall flower  never spoken until spken too type of person Into the wonderful wiccan biwi person that i am today  and boy do I have a mouth on me i tell you what  im very opinionated now and i like it  and im a weirdo my hair is like four or five diffenrent colors as we speak. i turned out to be ok in this world  by being  who i am now and not changing into what someone else wanted I grew and became what im meant to be and still growing

Dont change into what someone else wants to you to be You are fine just the way to you are right now keep learing and keep growing as a person.

blessings to you

brightest blessings,



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