Boo again with the blogging you thing i would be sick of the endless thoughts and words swimming in my head  and never shutting up for one little second of my endless days here on earth.

well you would think that…. bash  few pillows in with your head and be on my merry way ugh its midnight and its in my neck of the woods its Christmas day I stayed awake for this?

you bet your tight ass i did! lol well as far as as this goes Im just being me the most random person ever in my little area . boo and spookies and oddly lovely things that swim around up in my head but its off to the bedchamber for me HA! i dont have one i sleep in the living room of my apt gawd ! life sucks but i am ok really or am i???

you know I made a youtube video today b4 i came here well I asked for a christmas wish i know that sounds bad but  really the wish its about something im into the paranormal and a show that i love and the host is rather a hottie  I guess you dont know what im talking about  but i will tell you anyway its cause i like you alot so I wished to meet zak bagans  what a geek am i right I look up to him and i really like what he does on is show ghost adventures im not dieing from anything to desvere such a wish but it would be very coolto meet him at least just once for a min or an hour or for a full day but i dont know if my wish will come true or not but at least i made a wish that i know would bring me a little bit of paranormal joy

blessings to you

brightest blessings