hello my wicked little bloggers and readers

well just sitting here at home with a full belly from a bit ago so glad that im still not living in germantown and great ful that im in dayton now

been watching my ol fave tv show from way back when “so weird aaa memories that warm the heart. oh how i miss it really i do  but i can only watch so much of it before i need to do something else. i guess instead of being all blah today i guess im just being my normal self whatever normal is for me or anyone that is.

Even tho i feel like i have been crying half the day and feeling wiped out totally there is nothing really good on tv. Like i watch much of regular tv now adays with everything being online now  whats the real point anyways . there are no commercials you can pause the video anytime you want too and with some old shows like so weird i can find the episodes make a playlist and come back to it anytime i want too  call me weird but can you do that with real tv?  i think you can but im not for sure  i dont know. hmmm i have been thinking alot lately  about things like my future with my boyfriend and our 2013 wedding date

i have been thinking if i wanted  like the traditional  cruch wedding which i find utterly boreing and tearfully but there is a time and place for it for some people  but on the other hand i have never been traditional so i have been thinking about doing half and half a wiccan wedding and something that would  apease my boyfriend preants and a good chunk of my family  but i dont know though hmm we will see what the future holds for us i guess