hello my  wicked awesome bloggers,

as i sit here putting in my neon orange hoop earrings hoping like hell that the old colors of a Santa calus Christmas would be replaced with some that has a bit more life to it but alas that wish will be unfulfilled when midnight hits this eve of all things i find slightly annoying time of the year. Have i lost that spirit of this hoilday as i grew up? maybe Has it died with all the family that i have lost over the years?  i dont know nor do i want to know the answer to that cause i fear that i may not be ready for it.

Or maybe just maybe I dont have those child like eyes for this holiday anymore now that i ripped of the blinders  off a my poor little wicca loveing eyes that i fear that this holiday has lost a bit of its appeal from the good old days where the world was blind to the monsters outside their own front door.  I do not feel inclined to ward off my own thoughts on this holiday though i have many that discredit this holiday as a shame and a total rip off of a very wiccan holiday.

But i will play nice for at lest a few more hours and try at least to be a bit joyful for the things i do have in my life like my own brand of anti-bullshit serum, i dont give a fuck pills,fucitol drinks, and my boyfriend who’s love for this holiday that makes me wonder sometimes why he likes it so much and im totally  off my  weirdeo rocker and my Halloween is so much cooler rocker. I guess everyone has their fave holiday that they geek out over

Back to the drawing board i guess to see where the Christmas shit has hit the fan of sorts

blessings to you

brightest blessings,