gee whez good golly *yawn*

hello my wicked little readers,


back from a very lo walking/window shopping spree with my boyfriend. im rather tried right now and drained. Had a bit of a bad start today. Had a 3ed person on on of the social sites i hang out at (this one i do not go to alot cause of drama such as im speaking of now and other drama type things go on as well its myyearbook i barely get on it now cause of like i said drama)  call me ugly yet again. Im getting sick of people like the 3 on myyearbook judging me on my looks  idk what their real problem is but today it got to me a little bit more then it has in the past.

I want to yell at these people but i know it wont do me any good because  if i did i will be playing right into their hands. It pisses me of to no end that some people are so judgmental of others (like myself ) that they will never get to know these people  that they judge.

when people do it to me it makes me become very untrustworthy of others. It really upsets me that people do it and of corose when people stare at me because  of the random colors in my hair it gets old and annoying very fast . plus rude cause they dont stop staring  ugh the  so called normal people i do not understand at all.

Maybe i never will i know what i do understand the people who are like minded like i am  so think out side of the box and are different and like being different cause that makes them who they are those people i understand and get cause in this crazy so called normal world we are living in its us weirdos that make it colorful and random 🙂 i guess i would rather be a colorful random person then a part of the normal herd. whats to pint in being just like everyone else’s carbon copy when you can be the brightest fliping bulb,crayon, or whatever else you can think of then the dullest light bulb in the box of nobodies  i want to be seen and not overlooked  like one line in a song I want to stand out in a crowd.

I dont know its like i dont want to be gawked at like some freak  in a freak show and not be judged but still stand out and be somebody you know


i dont get it

blessings to you

brightest blessings,



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