finished in recored time yet again

welcome my wicked little readers,

Such a bold life we lead hmmm?  Just finished the book i was reading called 100 wicked little witch stories i thought it was very good it read very well for 100 little stories.

started on the second book called  queen of dragons by shana abe who wrote the dream thief ( i own a wonderful paperback copy of) so this one should be just as good as the dream thief. here is to hoeing all is good and well with this book hopefully it will be a very good read since i have just started i do not yet know what the book may intel since the tile speaks of dragons and a queen well you know where im going with this i hope.

but such as life it shall go on as much as the written  word has for ages. but back the the reading i go this yule time season should hold for a bit as long as the weather holds true and strong it has been rainy the past day or so im getting rather sick of seeing rain i would much like to see snow much to my dismay to admit that openly to my boyfriend or let alone others who may like snow more then i.


so much would i give for a good pile of fall leafs and Halloween which gives me much joy  this time of year makes me sad and dislike the winter for it does not bode well i would rather much like to see color in the world and not a blanket of cold wet and white stuff on the ground. during this time i miss seeing lilacs in bloom and smelling them in the air

but  i have to deal with the white yucky blanket of snow. maybe i would rather have it rain then snow  hmm i have and make no sense


blessings to you

brightest blessings





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