Reading, reading always reading

Hello all,

Welcome back my wicked little readers.

Well the goth witch is back and there is hell to pay…… Well not really but pushing on. Today is the 19th of dec not the 2oth despite what this may tell you i dont know how to change it yet but well im still pushing on right

I have been reading alot  lately so i would share with you what i have been reading since tuesday of last week the boo is called 100 wicked little witch stories and yes i am almost do with it will be a full week tomorrow  the 2oth of dec so far i really like the book  but as far as i go i can read a book in like a week to a full month  but mainly a week if i dont put it down and read until 1 am  in ohio time but i will stop where ever i stoped reading at and eat,sleep,and whatever else i need to in order to keep on living. this year i have been reading off and on  alot mainly right now alot because frist im not that found of Christmas( i will tell you why in a min) and 2ed its been awhile since i have read a good book

as far as the frist goes i have never really had a good Christmas until four years back when i meet my wiccan friends before i ever lived in dayton(tho im still living in dayton and they are not totally sucks ass i know) and my current boyfriend back then wasnt my boyfriend yet we were just friend for about a year and then on oct 28th 2008 two days before all hallows eve we started dateing(here is the kicker we meet on all hallows eve the yr prior lol i think thats cool but thats me) But pinky how does this tie into the fact that you are reading alot well my friends  it does in a way even back then i was reading far to much and couldnt get enough of it  ( and still can’t really ).

i reallydont like to talk about my self but the people i know (in good ways) i dont like to down talk anyone unless I really do not like the person but i rarely do that  i leave that for my private journal so i dont put bad juju into the world but anyways thats a little bit about me and my world

blessings to you

brightest blessings,

the pink witch


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