Welcome back my dears,

Well Everyone its almost that time of the year again as all of you know Christmas is coming up this weekend. WOW! Right? Pretty freaking huh? And in the following days most of you will be doing some last minute Christmas shopping and if you are one of the lucky few who got their Christmas shopping done way early i bow down to you  cause you SO rock ! I know, I know, most of you might be thinking but pinky what about you? you dont celebrate Christmas do you? (even though you might not be thinking it  but just play along with me for this little bit you will get a kick out of it and if you dont well it might of went over your head thats ok i have those days too). But alas my dear bloggers and readers i do celebrate Christmas but not as what you might think of as a typaical  Christmas is. For me this season brings yule the orginnal Christmas….. wait!?!?!? what ?!?!? stop the presses now ……you read right my dears as with most of you may know as the christ’s birthday but just isnt so now dont get all mad please hear me out on this  ok i love you guys right we are bloggers we be family ok. so as i was saying. yeah im not trying to push what i believe on to anyone but just putting it out there  so people will learn from it you know.

but yule has been around for a very long time so has wicca but way back when in the paleolithic times it wasnt called yule or wicca it had a different name we yet don’t know what that name was (well i dont know what it was called  before but someone might) but what we now know as wicca but it was there in cave paintings of old and on other things as well but i will be celebrating both yule (dec 22) and on dec 25th

blessings to you

brightest blessings,