welcome to the wide world wiccan


thepinkwitch here and ready to write up a new tale for you today.

As I was on one of the many social sites I “hang out’ at, I had  someone that decide to be very rude  and very negative to me. I only assume that the reason this person type their negative attentions towards me i couldn’t help but feel that  the real reason for them to lash out at me so rudely is that they are not very happy with themselves as a person. To call someone else fat and ugly  is some how can only result how someone can feel inwardly what was said/typed to someone else about themselves.

As i have grown before and after being in a relationship for three years now and how harshly i have judged people in the past and how wrong i myself was in those days and how i felt inwardly and directing it out on someone else  only made me feel better only for a little bit but it didn’t make the other person feel real good about themselves.


Undoubtedly i have learned from those days and can now tell when someone maybe doing it do me for their own misfortune and misguide reasons all thanks to seeing it with my own eyes and when my current boyfriend has pointed it out to me  right after I did it myself.


In the efforts of this i hope others can see that and change their views of the world even if it is just a little bit. I didnt make myself this way the lord and lady made me this way so i could learn and grown not only as a person but as a wiccan as well


best of blessings to you

with brightest blessings,



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