Hello world!


I am the pink witch, as i am new to this site and its surroundings, I shall give a brif overview of who I am so we can get to know each other faster as i blog my way through the world wide witchy web or non witchy web if you are not a wiccan.  I do not judge people  based on the color of skin,sexual  preference or anything that may cause others to judge you before they get to know you.

I have  had that done to me in the past and it doesn’t feel very good when it is done to you it leaves a little bit of a wound and when that wound heals it turns into a little bit  of scar just remember it serves a purpose in you life to teach you  not to judge others harshly as you have been so harshly judged yourself


Now like I was saying, I am a wiccan, which means that  Im on the path of wicca, which is an earth based religion to put it plain and simply i am a witch. I do not cast hexs,curses, or anything of that sort on people, I dont not kill people or animals.

As a wiccan and others like me  we are healers, among other things of that sort so we dont go riding on broomsticks in the middle of the night across the face of a full moon or have ugly noses and wort’s or ugly in gerenal we come as beautiful or as ugly as anyone else does depending on who is judgeing us on mere looks.Im just like everyone else following the path of their religious choice


blessings to you

with brightest blessings,




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